Can I Fly After Botox?

Botox is a common procedure that people do before an important event in order to achieve a more refreshed and youthful look. But since we fly to a lot of our important events these days, this raises another topic of concern for some of our clients: Can I fly after having Botox?

There are many myths about Botox injection aftercare!. However, a lot of those are not backed up by scientific proof. This question specifically is a great example of why you should always discuss your concerns with your healthcare provider.

There are false claims that the air pressure changes in plane cabins can cause the Botox to migrate to undesired areas of the face. This misunderstanding comes from a concern of the migration of the toxin through the orbital spectrum to the eye muscles. The air pressure in a plane cabin is made to be similar to the air pressure on the ground but the pressure outside of the plane is significantly different. Different studies regarding this issue have shown that the botulinum toxin binds very rapidly to its target sites after injection so there is little chance that your flying will displace the medication. So no worries!, Just a few minutes after Botox injection, the toxin should be completely in place and you are free to fly.

It is recommended after your Botox Injection, to avoid applying excess pressure to the areas that were injected with Botox, but the air pressure in the cabin should not cause your Botox to move!.

So, the answer to the above question: YES! You can have Botox immediately before and after flying.

Botox is a simple technique that takes a few minutes with no recovery time. You can call it “The lunchtime procedure”; as you can visit our clinic during your lunch break and return to work, or catch your flight after the treatment without any adverse effects. Walk out of the office and hop on the plane. There should be no problem as Botox and flying are not incompatible.

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