Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty


“Sometimes you just have to hold your nose & jump into something”

-Mary Carillo


Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty is becoming a highly requested procedure due to its simplicity, instant results, and almost no downtime. 

While Surgical Rhinoplasty provides permanent results, non-surgical rhinoplasty can provide satisfactory results that last between 1-2 years for a fraction of the cost!. 

Types of non-surgical Rhinoplasty

At Chrysolite Aesthetics we use 2 different methods for non-surgical rhinoplasty

Fillers. Fillers can be used to mask a hump, lift the tip of the nose, or correct asymmetries. It’s commonly a 15-minute procedure that involves numbing the nose with topical numbing cream then applying a filler using a cannula or a needle. At Chrysolite Aesthetics we adopted the use of Hyaluronic acid fillers only for this procedure. Patients might experience slight swelling after the procedure, but can commonly return to work immediately after and continue regular daily activities. 

PDO threads. They work in a slightly different way. When inserted along the nose bridge, they work wonderfully to correct minor humps and lift the tip of the nose without adding much volume. The PDO threads then start dissolving and while building up collagen they continue to contour the nose. The procedure takes about the same time as the fillers and other than the swelling or minor bruising after the procedure, it has really no significant side effects.

What is the contraindication to non-surgical Rhinoplasty?

  • Infection at the nose. If we noticed the infection in the treated area, your procedure will be postponed until the infection has completely resolved.
  • History of surgical Rhinoplasty. The anatomy of the nose and its vascularity could have changed since the surgical rhinoplasty procedure. It is always preferable to have the surgeon who did the procedure to do any post-procedure adjustments if needed.
  • Post-traumatic deformities. Depending on the deformity resulting from the trauma, your doctor will decide if a non-surgical vs surgical approach is better for you.
  • Sever deformity


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Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

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