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An MD owned & operated medical Spa, where a medical doctor is almost always on site.
Our goal is to allow you to Grow Youthful! It’s about making you show the best of you! We’ll take away your wrinkles, sun spots, stretch marks,… & leave you with the beautiful memories that helped create them!

Treatments & Services

At Chrysolite Aesthetics, we exclusively adopt technologies that are FDA approved to achieve the best results with the safest techniques...






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We love what we do!

We know that growing old is part of life and we plan to cherish every moment of it! But we also believe that growing older doesn't necessary mean feeling older! It means to live every day feeling the accomplishments you made in life... Going around in life feeling proud and loving yourself!


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Our Procedures

Why are we Special?

We know you have many options when it comes to choosing your go-to Medical Spa, but let us tell you some of the points that makes us extra special!!

Physician on-site 

We are an MD-operated spa with a doctor almost always on-site!

Top Machines

Our Machines are top of the line new machines with the highest efficacy

FDA Approved

We use ONLY FDA approved technologies & procedures

Diverse Treatments

Diverse range of treatments, for all your cosmetic needs head to toe

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Chrysolite Aesthetics

10130 Louetta Rd, Suite A1
Houston, TX 77070


We take Care Credit and GreenSky financing…