Facial Veins


“Your genetics is not your Destiny”..

George M. Church


Facial veins are common among women and men. Although harmless on their own, they commonly cause great discomfort to patients who describe them as unattractive. Almost 50 percent of people above the age of 50 have facial veins. They are commonly most pronounced on the cheeks, nose, or even under the eyes. The can be both red veins or blue veins.

What causes facial Veins?

Genetics is the primary cause for facial veins. Other uncontrollable factors include underlying rosacea, and acne. Additional factors that can play a major role include alcohol ingestion and over exposure to the sun. Facial veins can also be caused by hormone intake or hormone changes. 

How to prevent them? 

Unfortunately, we cannot change our genetics! So if Dad had plenty of these veins, it’s likely you’ll get a touch of it too! However, there are ways to decrease there severity by decreasing alcohol ingestion and sun exposure. Staying on top of the treatment for rosacea and acne can decrease any chances of injury because of both.

How to treat Facial Veins?

Laser facial vein removal is an amazing treatment for facial veins. We customize the treatment according to each patient’s skin type. Although more than one session might be necessary, the results are always satisfactory with one treatment. This procedure is performed by our advanced laser technicians.

Laser beams are highly concentrated light energy that target the blood in the veins and hence leaves the surrounding tissue intact. This causes instant clotting of the vein and sealing of the blood flow. The blocked veins now get absorbed in the body and the blood gets redirected to a healthier vessel away from the skins surface.

What to expect during and after the procedure?

Most people describe this 20-30 min procedure as a snap of rubber band on the skin. If pain is an issue, we can use numbing creams to ease it. 

The vein can either disappear immediately after the procedure, or it might darken, and both responses indicate success! If inflammation is noted, a gentle hydrocortisone or ice can be applied. 

There’s no downtime after this procedure, makeup can be applied immediately, and you can return to work. The most important thing is to avoid sun exposure and wear sun block all the time; this will help preventing poor healing, scarring or hyperpigmentation.

Most people require at least three treatments, but can go up to five or six treatments spaced 4 weeks apart. 

Frequently asked questions:

  • Can my facial veins come back after successful treatment?
    • It depends on the patient and the risk factors causing his/her veins. Many of the vessels treated disappear permanently after only one or two treatments. New veins might develop over time, and hence secondary prevention is very important. using sunblock, alcohol abstinence are some of the practices that have shown to stop these veins from coming back.
  • Can anyone have this treatment done?
    • Although laser therapy doesn’t have significant side effects, especially in the experienced hands, we do not do this form of treatment on pregnant ladies, diabetics, or any body with a history of clotting disorders or infection in the treated site.

Facial Veins

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