Just how frequently do you find yourself shaving, waxing or tweezing? To some extent, you probably don’t even feel the pain with these methods as much anymore. That shows just how frequently we work on our own ‘hair removal’ projects. Even though most of these things can be done at home, and as we have mentioned, the pain probably isn’t as bad anymore, the truth is that it is all too time-consuming and ineffective. Think of all those hours you have spent in front of your mirror or trying out home remedies to help deal with the nicks, the razor burns and the ingrown hairs. Wouldn’t it be better if there was a solution that was simple, effective and long lasting? Laser hair removal is that solution.

what is laser hair removal benefits

Why Laser Hair Removal?

Thankfully, there is a solution that is effective and long-lasting. With laser hair removal, you no longer have to wake up hours earlier in the mornings just to shave your leg. Neither do you have to worry about how you will look in that bathing suit that you love so much. With this kind of hair removal technology, you get a clean “shave” that does not grow back in 24 hours. There are several reasons why you should consider taking this course of action:

Why Laser Hair Removal?

Laser Hair Removal is Precise and Extremely Effective

The laser only targets dark pigmentation, such as the hair located in the follicle. This is why only the hair follicle is damaged, and not the skin surround it. So, how does Laser Hair Removal work? The hair on our body grows in three stages, anagen, telogen, and catagen (Hair growth cycle). Laser hair removal is most effective in the early part of the anagen stage, where your hair is actively growing. This Is why it is so important to receive laser hair removal every 4-6 weeks. During treatment, the laser converts its energy into heat, heats up the hair follicle and prevents it from growing any further.

Hair removal lasers have been in use since 1997 and have been approved for “permanent hair reduction” in the United States by the FDA. According to the FDA, “permanent hair reduction” is defined as being the long-term, stable reduction in the number of hairs re-growing after a treatment. Laser hair removal will permanently reduce body hair, but there’s no scientific proof that it can permanently remove ALL body hair. Most clients report that after a series of sessions, there’s a significant reduction in the amount of body hair that grows back. The hair that grows back tend to be sparse, fine and lighter in color.

what is laser hair removal benefits

Laser Hair Removal can Reduce Ingrown Hairs

Often times, ingrown are more frequent in areas of continuous shaving or waxing. They’re caused when the hair breaks off unevenly with a sharp tip under the skin and begin to cause a minor infection. With laser hair removal, clients don’t continue getting ingrown hairs because the hairs weaken in coarseness. In addition, the hair follicle shrinks in size, so the hair also becomes much finer.

what is laser hair removal benefits

Its a Great Way to Save While Looking Good

Think about all the associated costs that come with shaving your hair. From buying razors, shaving cream, after-shave for men and all the time you spend carrying out this activity. Over time, this cost adds up in both time and monetary terms. With laser treatments, you have a long lasting solution that is affordable and saves you a whole lot of time.

At Chrysolite Aesthetics Med Spa we know that our patients are looking for a solution that is not only safe and effective but also very affordable, not time-consuming and friendly to all types of skin. That is why we only offer you the revolutionary newest technology of the Gentle Max Pro system. Contact us today and book a session with Dr. Abu-Zeitoon and our Laser Technician. We are here to give you long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing and highly effective laser hair removal services.

what is laser hair removal benefits

Ready to Remove those Relentless Hairs?

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