What to Do About Sagging Skin

What to Do About Sagging Skin

Along with age spots, fine lines, and wrinkles, sagging skin is one of the most visible signs of aging — but it doesn’t always wait until you’re over the hill to appear. Due to the natural drop in collagen and elastin in your body, sagging skin can start as early as your 30s. 

Fortunately, Dr. Rawan Abu-Zeitoon and the care team at Chrysolite Aesthetics in Houston, Texas, offer multiple nonsurgical solutions that tighten your skin and rejuvenate your appearance. Take a moment to learn how these state-of-the-art treatments can help you say goodbye to saggy skin. 

Why is my skin sagging?

Below the surface of your skin, collagen and the other proteins stimulate skin turnover, helping the top layer regenerate regularly to keep your skin healthy and fresh. This process helps repair damage and replaces dead skin cells, and it’s why your skin springs back in place easily after you make facial expressions when you’re young. 

Unfortunately, collagen production naturally declines as you get older, and you can see the changes these lower levels have on your skin with the visible signs of aging. The production begins to drop off when you’re in your 20s, and it continues to decline as you age. 

One of the most noticeable effects of lower collagen production is a loss in skin elasticity. This creates a condition called skin laxity, and it makes the firm tone and smooth texture of your younger years fade. The result? Saggy skin and other signs of aging.    

What treatments can restore saggy skin?

At Chrysolite Aesthetics, we know that in restoring saggy skin, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all treatment. Our team evaluates your skin and discusses your aesthetic goals to make customized treatment recommendations that will give you the best results possible. Here’s a look at some of our most popular options:  


Profound is the first FDA-approved radiofrequency (RF) microneedling treatment for improving sagging skin and other skin imperfections. This revolutionary treatment tightens loose skin and minimizes the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging by stimulating your body’s natural production of hyaluronic acid, elastin, and collagen — three of the building blocks that keep your skin firm and elastic. 

Innovative Profound sends concentrated amounts of RF energy into the target areas of skin tissue, tightening skin and adding much-needed volume to areas affected by aging. Because it can reach the deepest layers of your skin, it stimulates more collagen so your skin remodels itself from the inside out. 

We can use Profound to lift the delicate tissues around your mouth and jowls, across your lips and cheeks, on your neck, and even other areas of your body to make your skin smooth and tight and take years off your appearance. Results are long-lasting and simple maintenance treatments can prolong the treatment’s effects.

PRP therapy and a Vampire Facelift® 

By combining the power of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy with the magic of dermal fillers, the team at Chrysolite Aesthetics can provide you with what’s called a Vampire Facelift®. Unlike a surgical facelift, you don’t need to worry about anesthesia or scalpels to get noticeably tighter, firmer skin. 

First, you get dermal fillers made with hyaluronic acid, which adds volume to areas that lose their plumpness over time, like your cheeks and temples. Then, the PRP solution, made from the platelets found in your own blood, is injected into the target areas. Together, these solutions lift your skin while stimulating your body’s natural healing response, triggering an increase in collagen production and new tissue development. 

Filler facelifts

Your Chrysolite Aesthetics provider can use dermal fillers (also called liquid facelifts) to restore volume and give your skin a lift where you need it most. These fillers plump the tissues below the surface of your skin, pulling it up and creating a firmer tone. We typically recommend using fillers in combination with neuromodulators, like Botox®, for the most dramatic results possible.  

PDO thread lifts

PDO thread lifts offer an amazing way to tighten saggy skin using surgical-grade, high-density polydioxanone threads. Your provider uses a needle to place each dissolvable thread in the location that will give you tighter skin. Once in place, we pull the thread tight and repeat the process until we reach the desired effect.

Although the threads dissolve in 6-8 months, the results of a PDO thread lift can last for three years because the procedure stimulates your body’s natural production of collagen and elastin. As your body continues to produce more of these proteins, the structures that support your skin become stronger and tighter, giving you firmer, more toned skin. 

If you’re ready to say goodbye to sagging skin, contact the aesthetic professionals at Chrysolite Aesthetics in Houston by calling 832-698-1157. You can also book an appointment online at your convenience. 

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