Considering Laser Hair Removal? Here's Why Winter Is the Best Time to Start 

Considering Laser Hair Removal? Here's Why Winter Is the Best Time to Start 

It’s December, and that means winter is upon us. If you’re embarrassed by unwanted facial or body hair, you might be relieved during the cooler months, since it’s easier to keep unwanted hair covered with long pants, sweaters, scarves, and mittens. 

But those warmer spring days are never too far away here in Houston, Texas. And at Chrysolite Aesthetics, board-certified provider Rawan Abu-Zeitoon, MD, and our team know that for smoother, hair-free skin by spring, winter is the perfect time to start laser hair removal

Our practice uses FDA-approved laser systems to give our clients permanent (or as close to permanent as possible) hair removal, so you don’t have to worry about plucking, waxing, messy creams, or shaving to keep your face and body smooth and hair-free. 

Take a moment to learn more about the safe and effective laser systems we use and why winter is the best time to start for the results you want by spring.  

How does laser hair removal work?

During laser hair removal, your provider targets light energy from the laser into your hair follicles. This is where the protein cells that nourish your hair develop. The laser destroys these cells, preventing new hair growth. 

How long each session lasts and the number of sessions you need depends on different factors, including the area being treated, the quantity of hair, and the contrast between your skin tone and hair color. 

For example, an upper lip might take only minutes to treat while laser hair removal on the back or chest could take 45-60 minutes. Your Chrysolite Aesthetics provider examines your hair and skin and discusses your goals to design a treatment plan. 

Laser hair removal is highly effective, so most patients enjoy permanent results. However, hair can sometimes regrow. For instance, hormonal changes or imbalances associated with pregnancy or menopause can change hair growth. 

If you do experience hair regrowth, know that it’s typically significantly thinner and lighter after laser hair removal. In fact, most patients who experience this only require a quick touch-up session for longer-lasting results. 

What types of lasers are used and are they safe?

Dr. Abu-Zeitoon and the team have selected two laser hair removal systems to help our clients get the best results possible: an alexandrite laser and the GentleMax Pro® system.

Alexandrite lasers 

All lasers work using specific wavelengths of light energy to achieve different results. The medium used to create the laser beam can change the wavelength of light energy as it moves through the medium. 

The medium in an alexandrite laser is a crystal made from alexandrite. This creates a specific wavelength of light called a “red light.” This type of laser targets very precise areas of tissue, leaving the surrounding tissues and skin unharmed, making them very safe and highly effective. 

GentleMax Pro system

An Nd:YAG laser uses a specific type of garnet crystal as the medium for the laser. This creates a wavelength of high energy light that can penetrate deeper without harming surrounding tissues. 

The Gentle Max Pro combines an alexandrite laser and an Nd:YAG laser into one laser system, offering one of the most comprehensive laser hair removal treatments available. Plus it’s very safe, making it a wonderful choice to treat hair on most areas of the body, including the:

Our laser systems also mean we can treat dark and light hair as well as ingrown hairs that can be difficult to remove. You might experience some minor side effects, like redness, mild swelling, or sensitivity to touch, after treatment, but these usually go away quickly.    

Why start laser hair removal in winter?

Your hair doesn’t grow in all at once. It grows in stages. This means that while some hair is visible on the surface, other hair follicles are beginning new hairs that haven’t yet appeared. 

To ensure you get the permanent and comprehensive results you want, it takes more than one session to zap all the follicles at the right time. Your Chrysolite Aesthetics provider discusses your schedule with you at your consultation.  

Everyone’s treatment series depends on their unique factors, but most people can expect 2-6 sessions spaced several  weeks apart. You might also need a periodic touch-up treatment to zap any new growth.   

This makes winter the perfect time to start laser hair removal! If you begin your sessions in winter, you can enjoy silky smooth skin you won’t be embarrassed to bare during the spring and summer. 

Get started with laser hair removal by scheduling a consultation online or over the phone at Chrysolite Aesthetics in Houston, Texas, today.

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